Virtual Assistant Resources

Email Selling Machine

Set up a fully automated selling machine for your business.

Video and Workbook on how to build an eMail Selling Machine that sells 24/7 whether you are there or not.  For the past 4 years I have participated in learning programs to build skills in this area and over the past 2 I have implemented everything that I teach in this package.  I know it works and I want you to experience that same thrill of selling 24/7.


AUD 161.70 after GST

Perfect Client Welcome Kit

Build client loyalty and trust

The Perfect Client Welcome Kit
includes a Video Presentation and a Template for you to fill in the blanks.

This kit will ensure you start the relationship the right way and build loyalty and trust with your clients from day 1!

This kit has been reviewed by an Australian Lawyer to ensure it meets Australian conditions.

AUD 97.00 after GST

Superpower Guide

10 Success Strategies

Your Superpower Guide with 10 success strategies.

  1. Identify your superpower – passion, proficiency and persistence
  2. Your client avatar - Qualities of a perfect client and where to find them
  3. Confidence - Your image vs your expertise and what a guarantee says about you
  4. Evidence – you have to prove it!
  5. Authority – how to become a teacher
  6. Focus – its important for your brand
  7.  Plan to create 10 Channels of leads
  8. Execute and manage your time to limit distractions
  9. Your community
  10. Next Steps
AUD 12.95 after GST

Virtual Assistant Handbook 2017

DIY Training, Resources and Information

This Virtual Assistant Handbook includes video training, resources such as agreement, contracts and policies and ways to find as many clients as you wish.  All at your own pace, from anywhere you have a computer.  A fully comprehensive handbook to reflect the 7 sections of a VA business.

AUD 656.70 after GST

Personality Guide with Free Personality Test

Personality PLR

Nothing to Hold You Back: Your Personality Means Your Success


When it comes to succeeding in life, introspection is a powerful catalyst to ensuring your success. Thankfully, today you have access from the comfort of your home office to powerful and proven personality test technology.  You will learn the type of personalities you work best with and you will be able to make sound business decisions based on this compatibility.  

AUD 4.95 after GST

Referral Guide Template for Virtual Assistants

Use this referral guide to give to others to help them send new clients to you.

AUD 97.00 after GST