5 A's Growth Program

For experienced VAs who need to grow their business

As a virtual assistant with many demands on your time, you can often ask yourself “How can I do this better, without having to be superhuman?”

That’s were the 5 A Growth Progam can help....

We step you through program to help you build income streams that don't depend on you selling your time.

AUD 138.00 after GST

Virtual Leading Circles

A streamlined avenue for genuine business collaboration

Virtual Assistants get stuck in their daily routine of handling clients, juggling family and health commitments and staying on track with all that they have to do in their business. .

So what can be done to help you get the things done that often get low priority but are important long term?

Join a Virtual Leading Circle to help you take action and focus on 1 thing for a set amount of time.

I am talking about working collaboratively and smarter in your business so that others can help you achieve results much faster.  As a member of a close circle you have others who you can depend on to help you and you can help them.  All this for a very small investment.

AUD 47.00 after GST

VLC - Keyword Research & Channels of Leads

Small Group Coaching

A virtual leading circle is a small group of virtual assistants with the drive to learn a specific set of skills on a specific topic.  The program lasts for a maximum of 10 weeks and is led by an experienced trainer or mentor on the topic.



AUD 47.00 after GST