How to Start Up as a Virtual Assistant Course

Do the right steps in the right order to get started immediately as a virtual assistant

You want to become a virtual assistant but you are not sure what services to offer and how to find clients.

You have searched online but are becoming more and more confused because there is just too much conflicting advice.

The 3 biggest mistakes that new virtual assistants make:

  1. They serve the business, rather than the business serving them
  2. They spread their message too widely because they are worried in case they miss a client (any client).
  3. They don’t invest in their own development appropriately.

This course will ensure that you start with the right steps in the right order to develop a successful business.

6 Good Reasons to get started as a Virtual Assistant

  • Gain some flexibility and control 
  • Work from home, save time and money.
  • Work the hours you want, when you want to work them.
  • Set your own rates - VAs charge $30 to $80 per hour
  • Use the skills you already have and learn new skills
  • Low barrier to entry, you just need a computer, internet connection and comfortable chair.

This course will ensure that you start with the right steps in the right order to develop a successful business.

In this course we give you the steps you will need to take, in the right order to get up and running as quickly as possible while at the same time designing the business around your needs and wants.  Many people start a business without these basic activities and find themselves struggling to keep going because it seems that they are working long hours for little return or just can’t find clients.  This course helps you sort out what you want to do, who you want to help and how you want to help them.

We guarantee that this course will deliver on our promises and all our courses come with a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.




"Wow - that's all I can say since meeting Liz Parker. I have days where I can't see where I am heading and one phone call to Liz and she has cleared the path for me. I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge that she has. I have been a struggling Virtual Assistant for a couple of years before I met Liz. Now I have found that my business is growing by leaps and bounds. Liz has shown me where to access the information that I need. She has shown me courses to do to help develop myself. Since joining 121Temps I have gained new clients with ease, as Liz helps you in that area as well. I am now setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I am looking forward to my journey now that I can see my future as I have always wanted to work from home around my children and Liz has made this come true for me. Thanks Liz for everything that you have helped me with. I would highly recommend Liz and 121Temps for anyone wanting to work from home."  Julie Hurman, Country Biz Services

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