Virtual Leading Circles

A streamlined avenue for genuine business collaboration


Collaborate and Share to save time and Improve Results  

Virtual Leading Circles is a small group coaching program that focuses on a specific area of your business for a set number of weeks.(usually 5 or 10 weeks)

It is an opportunity to work closely with an experienced mentor and within a collaborative and confidential group of your peers. .  

The purpose of  Virtual Leading Circles is to increase your business activity by providing you with practical skills and support to improve your results in a specific area of your business.

Over the duration of the program you will:
  1. Attend a weekly live webinar on a specific topic
  2. Collaborate over a closed Skype Group Chat with your group and mentor
  3. Participate in activities and be guided to ensure you obtain successful results
  4. Have the opportunity to work one on one until you are confident that you can achieve your desired results.
  5. Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 participants.
  6. All information discussed is confidential and protected.
  • Do you struggle to find the RIGHT clients who will appreciate your services?
  • How often do you increase your fees or package your services?
  • Have you defined a specific market that will pay you what you are worth?
  • Have you built 10 channels of leads into your business so you are never without an income?

If you struggle with the above, I have a solution.

Virtual Assistants get stuck in their daily routine of handling clients, juggling family and health commitments and staying on track with all that they have to do in their business including constantly market their services.  Marketing effectively can be a constant challenge.

So what can be done so that you increase the effectiveness of your business without having to increase your time investment?

Joining a Virtual Leading Circle is the first step you will take towards taking action and making sure you get those long term goals aren't neglected..

I am talking about working collaboratively and smarter in your business so that others can help you achieve results much faster.  As a member of a close circle you have others who you can depend on to help you and you can help them.  It is a very satisfying experience to know that your small group (of no more than 10) will get to know you and your business and you will get to know them.  You will share expertise and knowledge, learn tips and tricks and short cuts but also stay focused and accountable.

All this for a very small investment..

We could have charged a lot for this service or we could have made it free to everyone.  From experience we know that people appreciate something more if they pay for it and they are also more committed to keeping their promises.  As a result we decided that this program was so important that we would make it as affordable as possible, while making sure the participants are committed to progressing their agenda.

Literally you could have a small lunch at a cafe or you could:

  • Save a massive amount of time by allocating a small amount of time on one area of weakness.
  • Take the first step to understanding how a truly supportive small group gets things done.
  • Avoid stress and exhaustion by getting more support when you need it.

Click the button below to get started and effectively work online with a small group of collaborators and leading mentor.

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